NSW: Dysfunctional Since 1788


The history of NSW is littered with examples of governance which is anything but world class.

Beginning with The New South Wales Corps (aka The Rum Corps) which was formed in England in 1789 as a body of troops who were to look after law enforcement in New South Wales. As the young colony was short of coins, rum soon became the medium of trade. The Rum Corps earned its moniker by being able to use their position and wealth to buy all the imported rum and then exchange it for goods and labour at very favourable rates.

Such problems with governance have regularly surfaced in New South Wales over the years. The aftermath of the Wood Royal Commission into the NSW Police Service, for example, meant that the NSW Police were no longer the best money could buy.

But what of the development industry? Surely that’s different?

Well, Gong Gate, the Independent Commission Against Corruption’s phone tap evidence exposing bribery at Wollongong City Council showed that developer slush funding of political parties has been a contentious issues in state politics for many years now.


Following Gong Gate, from 2010 property developers were banned from making political donations in NSW. However, this didn’t stop cheques being written at a Liberal Party fundraiser in April 2012.


And for those of you in other states sniggering and saying well, what else would you expect in NSW, you may find you have the same problems …


One thought on “NSW: Dysfunctional Since 1788

  1. The Building Services Corporation was disbanded to privatise Home Warranty Insurance, Building Insurers Guarantee Corporation was the result following the collapse of HIH and FAI. Now we the Self Insurance Corporation. All fantastic examples of our state government

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